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Perpetual Guardian Head Office

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Company Information

Perpetual Guardian is the trading name of Perpetual Trust Limited and The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited.  In relation to the Funding, Perpetual Guardian is acting at all times as trustee of various charitable trusts and not in its personal capacity.


Information Held/Provided
The representations made in the application and the attached supporting documentation must be true and correct to the best of the knowledge and belief of the applicant.

All information provided will be held by Perpetual Guardian for the purposes of assessing applications for funding, and if the application is successful, for the purposes of processing the grant payment.

Where any personal information is submitted as part of any application, Perpetual Guardian will only use this information in accordance with any legislative requirements. 


Application Process
The decision of Perpetual Guardian to provide any funding will be at its absolute discretion and any decision as to funding will be final. Perpetual Guardian need not provide an explanation for any decision made regarding any application.

Perpetual Guardian accepts no responsibility for applications filled out incorrectly and is under no obligation to check the accuracy of submitted applications before the closing date.

Perpetual Guardian will not be liable for any loss or liability resulting from any application made.

If successful applicants fail to provide further documents when required within 90 days of the notice date, Perpetual Guardian reserves the right to terminate the grant.

An applicant will not refer to the grantor trust as a funder of the applicant while any application is still pending.

If you do not submit your application before or on the closing date of the grant, your application will be automatically withdrawn without notice.


Promotional Activities
The applicant may be asked to publicly acknowledge that the Funding is by way of a distribution from a charitable trust administered by Perpetual Guardian.

If the application is successful, the results may be published, at the discretion of Perpetual Guardian.

Perpetual Guardian (and its associated entities) may use photographs or videos of successful applicants, together with personal information and any approved quotes given for the purposes of:

  • Providing details to media outlets for use in publicity
  • Posting information to its website, Facebook page or other online channels
  • Using information in newsletters and other promotional materials produced by Perpetual Guardian.

The successful applicant will not be paid or rewarded for providing any such publicity or media material.

Parental permission to use personal information will be required for applicants under the age of 18.


Grant Expenditure Requirements
Funding will only be provided to a successful applicant in accordance with the purposes contained in the application, the funding guidelines and any requirements stipulated in writing by Perpetual Guardian.


Accountability Requirements
Recipients of grants must provide an accountability report to Perpetual Guardian within the time stipulated in the grant confirmation email.  

Perpetual Guardian may at any time request further accountability documentation to ensure funds have been spent appropriately. 

In order to monitor the use of the funding, Perpetual Guardian reserve the right to request information including accountability reports, evaluation assessments, audits, or any other form of monitoring criteria that Perpetual Guardian decides to introduce.

In the event that Perpetual Guardian determines that the Funding has not been applied in accordance with the application then it reserves the right to require repayment of any such funding. Such amount so demanded will immediately constitute a debt with payment due 20 working days of demand being made in writing by Perpetual Guardian.

Generally Perpetual Guardian will not make a grant to any organisation who has not:

  • Spent all the funds given in previous years
  • Returned the relevant accountability documentation 
  • Refunded any outstanding amounts

Where information is obtained by Perpetual Guardian indicating that a grant recipient has received funding from another source it may take steps to obtain a return of the money from the grant recipient. 


Audit and Inspection Requirements
Perpetual Guardian may request and the applicant agrees, if such request is made, to and participate in (at the expense of the applicant) in an audit in relation to any grant. Perpetual Guardian may also request information and verification as to how the funds were used.


Privacy Act 1993 Disclosure 
The information supplied by you will be retained by Perpetual Guardian in terms of the Privacy Act 1993 and will be used for the purposes of assessing applications for funding. You have the right to see all personal information held about you by Perpetual Guardian. If the information held about you is inaccurate, you have the right to request correction. 

Subject to any statutory or regulatory requirements, the information held will not be disclosed without your consent outside of Perpetual Guardian. 

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